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Homeowners Insurance

Why Homeowners Insurance?

When people shop for home insurance, they are actually seeking not just one type of coverage but possibly several different varieties. Homeowners insurance, renters insurance, and condo insurance are all typically included within the category of home insurance. Whether you own the property that you live on or whether you are renting it short term, you need to have insurance coverage to guard against disasters and losses.

A typical single family homeowners insurance policy will cover your home itself and all of your contents. In this type of policy, it is very important for you to talk with your agent about the exact amounts of coverage you want for your home, and for your things. This will be the difference between being able to rebuild after a disaster or losing everything to save a couple of dollars on your policy. Your agent will be able to advise you on the best way to insure your home. 

Renters Insurance- Another Type of home policy where you are only responsible for your contents inside of the home. If the apartment building or home burned down, the landlord would be covered for the structure, and your renters insurance will be covered for all of your contents.

Condominium Insurance- If you own a condo or a townhouse, you will have a specific type of policy that covers you. Depending on whether or not you have a master policy through the condo association, you may need a different type of insurance. This will be determined in your consultation with your agent. 

You may be very surprised to see the range of prices you'll get in home insurance quotes. You can sometimes save hundreds of dollars, or even more, simply by choosing one company over another. However, it is important that you get quotes only from reliable top carriers. Your local independent agent is the best resource for this since they can accumulate multiple quotes from the top carriers for you online. Your independent agency will give you the power to compare all the best policy options conveniently at home!

What Type of Policy Do I Need?

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