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Clover Insurance Group is a local, full service, independent insurance agency located in the Atlanta area. Shelby Doolin and the staff of Clover are committed to building long term relationships with each and every one of our clients and providing them with the best possible coverage and price. 

Shelby started Clover mid-pandemic in 2020 after working at a captive insurance agency. She loved the idea of helping people with their insurance needs, but was left feeling restricted. There were many customers she simply couldn't help because of price or other limits the captive agency had. This left Shelby determined to start 

her own independent agency where she can make connections and confidently say that she can help them save money. Not only that, but craft coverages that are appropriate for each customer and pick the right fit for them. Shelby and the staff at Clover are dedicated to building trust in our community by writing every policy as if it was our own. 

What is an Independent Agent?

Independent Insurance Agents are able to write policies through multiple insurance companies instead of just one. This is a huge advantage for both agent and customer because we are able to shop around for the perfect company for you and your budget! This creates a unique and long-lasting relationship between agent and policyholder because we review your policies with you bi-yearly and shop around for you. With a captive agency, you have one policy and if you're overpaying, you have to leave that agency and sever the relationship with your agent. Here at Clover we take pride in having policyholders (and friends) for life!

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